Vita Bella

Flat White

Enjoy the perfect harmony of velvety steamed milk and rich espresso in our signature Flat White. Savor the smoothness, delicate flavors, and enticing aroma of this classic coffee beverage. Indulge in a truly satisfying coffee experience.

Price Variations:
  • Small14$
  • Medium18$
  • Large22$

Experience the velvety bliss of our Flat White, crafted with a double shot of espresso and creamy steamed milk. This harmonious blend offers a balanced flavor and a silky texture, creating a comforting and indulgent coffee experience. Treat yourself to the perfect cup of satisfaction.

  • 1
    Fiber 2.2G
  • 2
    Fat 3.1G
  • 3
    Cholesterol 65MG
  • 4
    Protein 1.5G
  • 5
    Calories 170KCAL